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    Collapsed Building Workers Compensation

    The Realities Of Building Collapse Accidents

    Collapsed Building Workers CompensationInjuries due to building collapses have been on an unprecedented increase over the past few years in Philadelphia. Sometimes, criminal charges are warranted, as in the grievous case before the courts this year regarding the building collapse of June 2013 that killed six people, and injured 14 others, read the news report here. Several people lost in that building collapse were employees just doing their jobs. Other times, even if there is no criminal context, the Pennsylvania Worker’s Compensation Act entitles employees and their families to various benefits the event of building collapse injury or death.

    Common Questions About Building Collapse and Workman’s Compensation

    Each year, nearly 100, 000 workplace related injuries occur in Pennsylvania. Many of these injuries involve building collapse. Building collapse injuries can happen in any type of work location, and they can have tragic results. Philadelphia has regulations and laws in place to protect workers, but even when these rules are followed, the unexpected can occur. Workers on farms, employees on construction sites, employees in any building, and employees on construction sites, all are entitled to benefits if there is an injury while at work. Building collapse can be catastrophic, can result in death or long term, complex injuries. Injured employees might need to retrain for a new career, or may be unable to return to work. Employers in Philadelphia are mandated by law to carry workers compensation insurance. That law is in place in to protect employees and their families if any employee is injured or killed at work. Benefits may include death benefits, payment of medical expenses, and ongoing monthly payments to replace a portion of the lost worker’s income.

    If you or a loved one have been affected by loss due to workplace related building collapse, our professionals can provide you with the answers and direction that you need to seek the compensation you deserve:

    • Do I have reason to file a claim?
    • How do I make an appeal if my claim is denied?
    • Can I file a claim for an injured family member or colleague?
    • How do I notify my employer about my injuries and claim, and what do I have to disclose?
    • What are Wage Loss Benefits?
    • What are Death Benefits, Wrongful Death claims, and who can request them?

    Building Collapse Accidents And Negligence

    Many building collapses are directly caused by negligence. Sometimes, someone other than a worker’s employer is to blame. In that type of situation, a third-party liability claim could be filed to hold the negligent parties responsible. Some reasons for building collapse include:

    • Improper building design causing collapse
    • Improper use of scaffolding or other construction or demolition equipment
    • Inadequate or even dangerous quality building materials
    • Failure to secure the construction site properly
    • Failure to adequately evaluate the risks of demolishing an existing building

    When Is It Not Appropriate to File a Workman’s Compensation Claim?

    Navigating the legalities of filing a workplace injury claim after being injured or losing a loved one in a situation as unexpected and devastating as a building collapse can be extremely difficult- particularly when you are grieving, or recovering from traumatic injury. It is always best to contact a professional at that time, and our office will answer all of your questions in detail and with the respect and care that you deserve.

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