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    Wage Loss Benefits

    More than 3 million workers are injured on the job each year in America. For those who are not able to work, either temporarily or permanently, Pennsylvania’s Workers’ Compensation Act offers benefits meant to make up lost wages.

    Payments For Lost Wages In Pennsylvania

    Lost wage benefits are meant to provide you adequate financial resources while you recover, or provide for you in the event that you are permanently disabled. Generally, wage loss benefits equal two-thirds of your weekly wage previous to your injury. The amount of wage-loss benefits to which you are entitled will vary based upon the circumstances of your accident and your current health status. We suggest contacting an experienced workers comp lawyer in Philadelphia to learn more about the benefits you can receive.

    Who Can Receive Lost Wage Benefits In Pennsylvania?

    Wage-loss benefits are available in Pennsylvania both to workers totally disabled by their injury, and completely unable to work, and workers only partially disabled. Partially disabled workers need not be unemployed to receive wage-loss benefits, but it is required that they are currently earning less than they did before their workplace injury occurred.

    When Can I Get Wage Loss Benefits?

    To receive wage loss benefits in Pennsylvania, you must be disabled more than 7 days, including weekends. Benefits will begin on the eighth day after your injury. After the first 14 days, you will receive a payment for the first 7 days.

    In order to be eligible for lost wage benefits, injured workers must report their injury immediately, miss work for 7 days, and have their workers’ compensation claim accepted by their employer’s insurance carrier. Reaching out to a workers’ compensation attorney is the best way for injured workers to ensure that they’ve followed all the proper steps in making a workers’ comp claim.

    Contact A Philadelphia Workers’ Comp Attorney Today

    No matter the cause of your injury, whether you were harmed in a single, traumatic incident, from prolonged exposure to chemicals, or repetitive stress, you may be able to receive compensation. In addition to compensation for medical expenses, injured workers unable to work are eligible for lost wage benefits.

    The lawyers at Disability Law Advocates Group, P.C. want to ensure that you receive the workers’ comp benefits you deserve. Contact us at 215.563.0600 or fill out our contact form to begin reviewing your legal options.