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    Dangers Of Industrial Work
    17 Feb 2015
    Social Security

    The Dangers Of Being An Industrial Worker

    One of the most dangerous careers in existence is being an industrial worker. There are many dangers associated with being an industrial worker, for example, construction workers make up only about 6 percent of workers in the United States, yet they have the most fatal injuries of any line of work with about 20 percent of their accidents being fatal. In 2014 the mining industry had 20 fatal metal/nonmetal accidents and 14 coal mining accidents.

    What Is Industrial Work?Dangers Of Industrial Work

    Industrial workers are people who work in a field related to manufacturing. Some examples of this are working in a power and heating plant, construction workers, and factory workers. These jobs can be very dangerous, because you are dealing with duties and tasks that require strenuous physical exertion, unlike your average desk jobs. Those jobs do require some physical labor, but not to the extent of industrial workers. The job industrial workers do is extremely arduous.

    Dangers Associated With Industrial Work

    Unfortunately, some people who work as industrial workers don’t have the physical strength or stamina to perform their job, and because of this they become susceptible to injuries. For example a construction worker who is working on putting together some building blocks for a new building might become tired and weak, or doesn’t have the physical capabilities to do the job. This can result in the blocks falling on he or she and they could break their legs or injure their hamstring. These kinds of injuries are not uncommon in the industrial work field.

    An accident is an undesirable event, but unfortunately they happen especially in the industrial work field. There are a plethora of factors that contribute to accidents. For instance- workers experience, their ability to perform their job at a high level, and the tools and supplies that they are given to work with. However, with that said most vulnerability lies within human error. That includes dangerous behavior, or a hazardous work environment that minimizes the workers ability to do their job correctly. In other words they are more prone to commit errors. It’s always difficult to determine who is culpable for such accidents, but studies and recent data show that human error is the number one reason for industrial accidents.

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