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    Social Security Disability

    Many people think that Social Security only provides retirement benefits. In fact, Social Security is a Federal platform that also contains a complex component offering disability compensation.

    Social Security Disability Programs

    Workplace-related disability is far more common than you might expect. When workers are injured on the job, and that injury results in disability, there are two mechanisms within Social Security through which victims of injury, accident, or disease can apply for monetary compensation or benefits.

    Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI)

    SSDI provides monthly payments to those who are too young to retire, unable to continue in their originally-hired positions, and have worked enough quarters to qualify as an applicant for benefits.

    Supplement Security Income (SSI)

    The second program available to disabled workers under Social Security is known as SSI. In this program, Social Security provides benefits to those who have not worked enough quarters to apply for the SSDI.

    Applying For Social Security Disability Insurance Benefits

    Social Security contains “Disability Insurance,” which pays benefits to disabled workers who completed a specified period of employment and paid Social Security taxes. But amazingly, over 95% of applicants are denied their Social Security benefits on their initial claim.

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