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    Personal Injury

    Accidents happen, it is a part of life. With offices local to Philadelphia, spanning all the way to Scranton Pennsylvania, Disability Law Advocates Group makes sure that when accidents occur, support is given where it is deserved.

    Disability Law Advocates Group seeks to defend and protect victims who are injured due to negligence or the actions of another person or a particular entity. Whether you’ve been involved in a motor vehicle accident or a slip & fall, Disability Law Advocates Group is prepared to vigilantly fight for your rights in achieving the maximum monetary recovery.

    Experienced in Municipal Court cases, arbitrations and jury trials, Disability Law Advocates Group is comprised of tailored lawyers, local to Philadelphia, trained to represent you in any case. If you or someone you love has been fallen victim to personal injury, Disability Law Advocates Group is here to support you in your time of need. Contact Disability Law Advocates Group – where you’re entitled to it.

    What Are Personal Injuries?

    Personal injury occurs when an individual acts in a harmful or negligent manner that causes harm through thoughtless actions. Some examples of Personal Injury include slips, falls, car accidents and even medical malpractice, among many others.


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    In addition to advocating for the rights of injured workers in workers’ compensation claim cases, Disability Law Advocates Group, P.C. brings 30 years of distinguished experience to personal injury lawsuits. With a comprehensive understanding of Municipal Court cases, arbitrations, and jury trials, we’ve led numerous clients in securing the justice they deserve.

    What Is A Personal Injury Lawsuit?

    Personal injury lawsuits are meant to secure financial compensation for those harmed by the negligence of another individual or entity. “Negligence” simply means that someone did not take the proper care involved in performing an action. For example, a contractor who fails to maintain a reasonably safe workplace for their employees can be found negligent.

    The most common types of personal injury claims involve:

    • car accidents
    • workplace accidents
    • slip, trip, and fall accidents
    • harm caused by defective products

    If you feel that you or a loved one were injured because of someone else’s negligent behavior, we suggest contacting an experienced personal injury attorney with a deep understanding of Pennsylvania’s legal code. An attorney with your best interests in mind can help you decide whether legal recourse is the best option in your situation.

    Experienced Personal Injury Lawyers

    Our attorneys utilize our full range of resources on the behalf of every client. We fully understand that taking legal action may seem daunting, and can create a considerable financial burden for many.

    Our focus is on crafting the most effective, aggressive case possible, so we can push your case quickly through the courts and ensure you receive the maximum compensation for your pain and suffering, medical expenses, and lost wages.

    Personal Injury Lawsuit Resources

    Below, we’ve brought together the best resources for those interested in learning more about personal injury lawsuits. Follow the links to find out more.

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    Contact A Pennsylvania Personal Injury Attorney

    Do you suspect that your injury was caused by someone else’s negligence? Don’t wait another minute! We believe that you deserve justice. Contact Disability Law Advocates Group, P.C. by calling 215.563.0600 or filling out our contact form.