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    Notify Employer Of Injury

    Many factors can affect the outcome of a workers’ compensation claim. Primary among these is the speed with which injured workers take the steps necessary in filing a claim. Statutes of limitation have been put in place, and can invalidate an employee’s claim if there is considerable delay between the workplace injury and filing of a claim.

    Notifying Your Employer: The First Step To Workers’ Compensation

    If you were injured on the job, or have recently become aware of a medical condition that you believe is linked to your occupation, it is imperative that you notify your employer immediately. This is essential, the first step in appropriately filing a claim for workers’ comp benefits.

    An Employer’s Duty After Workplace Injury

    After notifying your employer, you will be asked to fill out an incident report. Retain a copy of the incident report for yourself; it will prove invaluable in the future, whether or not your workers’ comp claim is denied. Your employer should then file a “first report of injury” with the Bureau of Workers’ Compensation. If they do not, insist that they proceed through the proper, legal channels.

    For the next step in the process of obtaining workers’ compensation, please see our Obtaining Medical Treatment for Workplace Injury page.

    Contact A Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation Lawyer

    After notifying your employer of a workplace injury, reach out to a workers’ compensation attorney serving Pennsylvania employees. You may have questions already, and the lengthy legal process involved in workers’ compensation claims can be thoroughly explained only by an experienced attorney with particular expertise in the specific workers’ compensation laws active in Pennsylvania.

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