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    Construction Site Accidents

    Working construction is often difficult, and certainly physically demanding. But construction sites can also present numerous hazards, from faulty equipment to overexertion, that threaten the health of construction workers on a daily basis.

    Construction Site Accident Workers’ Comp Lawyers

    In construction, lowering costs is a constant concern, and contractor deadlines can be tight. Many construction companies seek to cut corners, hoping to cut costs and meet rigorous schedules. When they do, they put their employees’ lives in danger.

    Despite the exacting safety regulations formulated by the United States Department of Labor and its Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), construction is consistently found to be one of the most dangerous occupations, frequently resulting in injury, disability, and even death. Construction site accidents that result from a violation of OSHA standards, like failure to provide proper safety equipment, must be dealt with immediately and aggressively by an experienced workers’ compensation lawyer.

    Injuries Caused By Construction Site Accidents

    Injuries caused by isolated accidents on construction sites are considered “acute.” But just because they result from a single event, doesn’t mean their effects won’t last a lifetime. Common acute injuries are those that result from a fall off scaffolding or a bulldozer accident.

    Another class of construction site accident involves the repetitive use of construction equipment. Many of these tools, like jackhammers and mechanical saws, cause major stress over time and, after prolonged use, can result in permanent disability.

    In either case, a worker injured in a construction site accident may be entitled to workers’ comp benefits, including lost wages and payment of medical bills.

    You Deserve Workers’ Compensation Benefits

    Are severe injuries caused by a construction site accident preventing you from returning to work? The attorneys at Disability Law Advocates Group, P.C. are committed to representing the rights of construction site accident victims. In over 30 years of distinguished legal service, we’ve handled numerous cases involving construction accidents. In our minds, no case is “small,” because each affects human life. Construction workers and their families deserve swift, effective legal guidance. To schedule a consultation, call 215.563.0600 or complete our contact form.