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    Collapsed Building Accidents

    Over recent months, Philadelphia has seen an unprecedented number of buildings collapse. One such collapse, in June of 2013, killed six people and injured 14 more. Often, it isn’t residents of these buildings who are harmed in the collapse, but responsible workers carrying out the duties of their employment. Members of demolition teams are frequently hurt in the unexpected event of a building collapse. And many workers on construction crews are harmed when an unfinished building collapses during its construction.

    Building Collapse Workers’ Compensation Claims In Philadelphia

    Pennsylvania’s Workers’ Compensation Act prevents an injured worker from directly suing their employer for injuries sustained in a building collapse, but you can still file a workers compensation claim to secure benefits for the harm caused.

    Construction companies, demolition companies, and their insurance carriers aggressively oppose workers’ compensation claims involving building collapses, and the legal waters may seem uncharted at first. An experienced, aggressive workers comp attorney can guide you through the legal process after a harmful building collapse. The attorneys at Disability Law Advocates Group, P.C. have over 30 years of experience representing the rights of building collapse accident victims, and seeing to their full and fair compensation.

    Negligence In Building Collapse Accidents

    Many building collapses are directly caused by overt negligence. Sometimes, someone other than a worker’s employer is to blame. In that case, a third-party liability claim may be filed to hold the negligent parties responsible. Common reasons for building collapse include,

    • The building that collapsed was improperly designed
    • Dangerous, low-quality building materials
    • Construction company failed to adequately evaluate the risks of demolishing an existing building

    Building Collapse Accident Workers’ Comp Lawyers

    Are you a worker whose life was changed by a building collapse? You may be entitled to workers compensation benefits, and we know that you deserve justice. To review the legal avenues open in your situation, call Disability Law Advocates Group, P.C. at 215.563.0600 or fill out our online contact form.