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    Sufferer of fibromyalgia

    Can You Claim Disability For Fibromyalgia

    Your fibromyalgia is wreaking havoc on your work-life. Is it possible to claim disability for your fibromyalgia? The answer is yes, if it is work-related fibromyalgia. So what exactly is fibromyalgia. Fibromyalgia is a disorder that causes fatigue and muscle pain. It is characterized by painful response to pressure and widespread chronic pain. We covered what fibromyalgia is extensively here.

    Legal Aspects of FibromyalgiaMan with back pain at computer

    There is a legal mechanism to protect workers suffering from fibromyalgia. There is workers’ compensation, and there is also a notice of claim. There are requirements associated with filing this petition and the notice of the original complaint. You must have an original notice that you would also require following up with a written letter. There is compensation for workers who are facing disability that makes further employment impossible.

    Fibromyalgia always prevents people from working, hence, it can be considered a disability, read more about fibromyalgia in the work place here. It is a complex issue, but we give you our perspective concerning it. There are some issues that a person is suffering from fibromyalgia may face, for example discrimination, and there must be a qualified medical condition to help in this case of disability. The fibromyalgia only interferes with the ability to work on some occasions but in some circumstances you can work even though it limits the capacity of work to a certain extent. Since fibromyalgia does not have a cure, it unfortunately, forces the patient to face some difficult red tape and paperwork at times.

    Medical Examiners & Your Claim

    Unfortunately, it has been noted that the disability examiners give little weight to the claims of fibromyalgia, unless there is another condition that is involved like degenerative disc diseases or arthritis. If a complainant makes a disability claim, the impairments are rheumatoid arthritis or fibromyalgia and a degenerative disc disease. This type of fibromyalgia allegation carries more substantial weight.

    Whenever a healthcare physician examines and gives a patient a fibromyalgia diagnosis without a corroborative diagnosis from a specialist, it maybe assumed that the doctor did not exhaust all avenues before making that conclusion. It may be perceived that the doctor gave the patient the label for lack of a better method of diagnosing the patients’ pain. There is no straight cut method for filing disability for this condition which is why help should be sought after. It is imperative to seek the services of an experienced attorney to guide you on how you can strengthen your disability claim for fibromyalgia .