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Adam M. Taylor
Posted: 01.19.12

Adam Taylor has been elected as a Cabinet member of the Workers Compensation section for the Pennsylvania Bar Association for 2012 and co-Chair of the Board for 2013.

Adam M. Taylor
Posted: 01.03.12

Many people do not spend a lot of time in the work force for one reason or another. Often they have suffered injuries that have prevented them from working. And even more often they have been homemakers, raising children while their spouse works. We all know that raising children is a job in itself! Unfortunately, the federal government does not see it that way and will exclude you from Social Security Disability benefits if you haven't adequately contributed to Social Security during a worklife.

Adam M. Taylor
Posted: 01.02.12

Grandparents often have a huge role in the lives of their grandchildren. Many grandparents often find themselves in the difficult position of raising their grandchildren. If that child has a disability, this situation can become even more difficult. Getting Social Security benefits for a child is difficult but not impossible and could help greatly in the child's care and well-being. Let's take a look at what the government looks for in these unique cases.


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