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    Aaron Friedmann

    Protecting Yourself In The Chemical Processing Industry

    11 Jul 2014
    Chemical processing facilities make every effort to ensure the safety of employees working in all departments of these facilities. However, the potential for accidents to... Read More

    Repetitive Stress Injuries At Work

    09 Jul 2014
    Repetitive stress injuries that occur at work are the cause of many disability and workers’ compensation cases. People who perform repetitive tasks on a regular... Read More

    What Is An Occupational Disease?

    22 May 2014
    The need for workers compensation in Philadelphia is often obvious. Tragic, sudden, and all-too-common workplace accidents can leave workers and employees in Pennsylvania immediately injured and... Read More

    Walking Tours & Hiking In Philadelphia

    15 May 2014
    The sun is out and it finally feels like Summer is on its way here in Philadelphia! With the weekend just around the corner, we thought... Read More

    Philadelphia Workers Comp Attorneys Recent Announcements

    01 May 2014
    As devoted members of the Philadelphia community, both legal and otherwise, the attorneys at Disability Law Advocates Group, P.C. are committed to supporting the citizens... Read More
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